MoveU NewU FAQ

Can I participate on more than one campus? Yes

Can I complete more than one passport? Yes

If I’m from one campus but submit on another does that work/which prizes will I be in the draw for? You will be inputted to the draw for whichever campus you submit to no matter what your home campus may be. You can submit a passport on each campus if you choose

I lost my passport what can I do? Unfortunately we don’t have a way to track your activities. Feel free to download or pick-up a new one and continue to get active!

I don’t have a printer how can I get a passport? No printer required! Pick one up from the designated locations on your campus.

  • UTSG - Athletic Centre, Main Office

  • UTSG - Hart House, Information Hub

  • UTM - RAWC, Front Desk

  • UTM – RAWC Front Desk, HCC Front Desk

  • UTSC - Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre, Service Counter

Can I participate in the same drop in class each week and use it for validation each time? Yes

Do I have to attend every event listed? No, just 3 instances of activities!