St. George Campus

Sport & Rec’s Diversity & Equity Team

Sport & Rec’s Diversity & Equity team is a group of undergraduate and graduate students from across campus who plan, motivate and implement positive student-led initiatives that promote diversity, equity, inclusivity and physical/mental health.

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Hart House Community Engagement Ambassadors

The Hart House Community Engagement Ambassadors are a team of U of T students that want to help you discover all that Hart House has to offer!

Community Engagement Ambassadors aim to help students across U of T connect over community activities and events-based programming. You’ll find them working at wellness events in and around the House, assisting with everything from drop-in tours to board game cafes to arts and crafts programs. 

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The HealthyU Crew is a student-driven team at the U of T Health & Wellness Centre that is committed to creating a healthier campus that supports making healthier choices and that promotes personal and academic success.  The HealthyU Crew employs education, advocacy and collaboration with campus and community partners to build healthier communities, particularly around student mental health, nutrition, substance use and harm reduction, as well as overall health and wellness.

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Scarborough Campus

The Department of Athletics & Recreation operates a number of athletic and recreational facilities at U of T Scarborough that are open to students, faculty, staff, alumni and the general community. The Athletics & Recreation Centre is one of the hubs of activity on campus and a gathering place for those pursuing a healthy active lifestyle. We strive to create respectful and inclusive environment that promotes opportunity and overall well-being through physical activity.

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Department of Athletics & Recreation

The Health & Wellness Centre has health care providers who provide medical, nursing, counselling, health promotion and education services to U of T Scarborough students. Any student with a current student card and valid health card can use its services.

Health & Wellness Centre

U of T Scarborough offers Wellness Peer Programs that share knowledge and information on healthy topics throughout the community to promote overall health and wellness. The programs are made up of student volunteers referred to as Peer Educators and Ambassadors. These students have been trained in a variety of areas, such as tobacco awareness, mental health and wellness, nutrition, alcohol and drug awareness, and the services provided by the Health & Wellness Centre.

Wellness Peer Programs

Mississauga Campus

U of T Mississauga’s Department of Physical Education, Athletics and Recreation offers a friendly and safe environment that welcomes our diverse community to participate in physical activity in order to support a healthy lifestyle.  We offer a wide variety of choices so everyone can find an activity that appeals to them.  Our staff can help guide you in your choices to become more physically active.

Department of Physical Education, Athletics and Recreation

The UTM Wellness Ambassadors provide students with information, tools, and resources to empower them to make healthy choices in support of their personal and academic goals; and support the development of healthy systems and structures that encourage and foster student health and well-being on campus.

UTM Wellness Ambassadors