Want to add some physically active fun to your event? MoveU has an amazing crew ready to help out! Fill out the MoveU request form to book MoveU for your next campus event. 

Mobile MoveU
Ideal for groups of 10-80, these drop-in classes are led in your own space. Each faculty or college can have up to four free sessions from Hart House or the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education. Subsequent sessions cost $25 to $45, depending on the activity and the instructor. Equipment rental pricing is also available. See the order form for a list of available sessions. 

MoveU Tours
Want a beginner-friendly tour of the athletics and recreation facilities on campus? The MoveU Crew can get you and your student group acquainted with your workout space and lead you through some beginner exercises. 

MoveU Movement Break
Incorporate a MoveU Movement Break into your next event or class to reactivate the mind and body. Movement Breaks allow students to take a break from sitting and get active for 5-15 minutes. Students who participate in breaks are better able to focus and primed for academic success. Book your break at moveucrew@utoronto.ca.

MoveU Workshops
Add a MoveU workshop to your next orientation week, event, or hold one all on its own. Workshops accommodate up to 100 students and touch on physical activity and its intersections with topics like mental health, nutrition, and academic success. These sessions inform students of resources on campus that encourage an active lifestyle. 

Have an idea? Have an active, healthy fun idea? Want to give us feedback about an event? Get in touch and let us know your thoughts.


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MoveU crew works to inspire physical activity for all U of T students. If you're passionate about sharing your energy and enthusiasm we encourage you to apply!


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