MoveU inspires you to take a break from your books and get active in all kinds of fun (and free!) ways on campus.



University of Toronto Mississauga


UTM MoveU exists jointly within the UTM Health & Counselling Centre and the UTM Department of Physical Education, Athletics & Recreation to promote regular physical activity as part of a balanced approach to overall wellness. Whether through the programs and facilities offered on campus or within the community, the MoveU Crew helps to identify activities that are fun and appropriate to an individual’s fitness level.

University of Toronto Scarborough


MoveU at UTSC is housed under the Athletics and Recreation Department. We are a peer group that aims to encourage and assist students to live a physically active life style. We are aware of the time and dedication your academics demand, leaving you with minimal time to continue to practice healthy living and nutrition habits, as we are fellow students ourselves. We know the benefits of staying active and wish to extend our knowledge to you.

University of Toronto St. George


The MoveU Crew on the St. George campus is a group of about 30 students who promote physical activity on campus in various ways. In partnership with Sport & Rec, Hart House and Student Life Health & Wellness we offer mobile fitness classes, classroom movement breaks, exam-time de-stressors, learn-to-run groups and themed events throughout the year.